School is one of the places where you will encounter life’s harshest realities.

As a student, you will have to manage your expectations lest you encounter the worst myessayservice of bullies. You will also have to constantly resist the temptation of early unprotected sex, drug and alcohol use, as well as constant mockery from fellow students. At the end of your education, you will either be categorized as having been in a good or bad group. So college literally forces you to choose sides. Here are some of the common social issues you should be aware of:


This is a significant issue in today’s culturally dynamic learning environment. Students, at times, divide themselves based on race and attack each other. The minority race in the institution could have a rough time coping with the constant abuses that racism brings with it. They might be denied certain rights, such as accessing sporting facilities or learning resources based on their race. Interestingly, racism could be felt in the hands of students or teachers. A racist tutor could intentionally fail students from a different race just because he hates the race. This makes it hard for minority groups to survive in an environment of intense racial discrimination.


Any downward turn in the economy hurts everyone. Schools could struggle to stay afloat if forced to operate with limited finances. For private institutions, the money received through fee payment is outweighed by the hefty government taxes and other institutional obligations. Public institutions also struggle as the government cuts down on its spending. All these could cause a reduction in the quality of education, negatively impacting a student’s social life. The impact is even worse when parents are no longer able to sustain their children’s financial needs. These students would be forced to shift to cheaper hostels and avoid social gatherings such as weekend trips and parties. This could leave them more depressed and unable to concentrate in class.

Drugs and alcohol

This is a major issue in most institutions as students choose a life of drinking and drug use to numb myessayservice any pain they could be experiencing at school. Some students become too hooked into drugs and alcohol that they become addicts. Sadly, college brands teetotalers as inexperienced, which is why many end up joining the bad gang of addicts. Students are likely to end up with poor grades due to such addiction. Others decide to drop out of school and join the streets from where they continue with their alcohol and drug use. Sadly, some enter into gang groups, from where they rob people for money to quench their addictions.

Early pregnancy

The unlimited freedom enjoyed by college students is, at times, deadly if they are not prepared for it. Cases of early pregnancy are not a rare phenomenon in these institutions. Men and women engage in sexual acts without protection. Most of these intimate moments happen with no strings attached since some students engage in these acts despite not being attracted to each other. Sadly, the female gender is always left with the entire burden. Some are forced to discontinue their education to manage their pregnancies. Like drugs and alcohol, most of these female students end up with low grades due to this disruption in their normal lifestyles. They suddenly have to handle their pregnancies or babies and education at the same time. It is an embarrassing moment as most end up being the laughing stock in school and are forced to carry all the shame all by themselves.