The final thesis is the output of the student of the first, second or third degree of university education. However, many factors precede the successful writing and defending of such work. In this paper we will discuss one of the more important ones, namely the methodology of the thesis – a special case study as a method of research.

The term casuistry comes from the Latin word casus and means case / incident / event. In the methodology of the final thesis (bachelor, diploma, dissertation), the case study is usually referred to as the case study. Under this name you already know her.

The case study is one of the research methods that you can select and apply in the practical part of your thesis. This research method is the scientific processing of the practical and especially the particular case of life. It is based on a description. The case study is analyzed from the point of view of its developmental manifestations (time of origin – present).

Combinations of other methods such as – qualitative methods, analysis, observation, comparison, and others may also be used in this type of research.

How are case studies divided and what is the difference between them?

Case studies can be divided by type most often into:
  • illustrative – it is mainly used to analyze a specific problem that is not generally known and common
  • exploratory – the essence is detailed and very extensive exploration. These types of studies use predictions and estimate trends.
  • critical examples – based on testing a claim at one or more locations. The purpose of such types of studies is not to generalize, but to validate.
  • increasing – based on data collection at different locations and at different times. The aim is to predict the tendency of the observed problem.
  • program or implementation – the essence is the implementation of a particular program or project, monitoring the progress of implementation and the results achieved, and then drawing conclusions about the reasons for success or failure.

How to do it?

As a source of case study, and at the same time the source of information, not only professional literature, an article, text, but also an audiovisual record or a personal interview may not be used. Therefore, it is only you which form you choose.

If you have defined your case study, you need to know that you can only examine one subject of the issue you are dealing with in detail. You are only interested in one indicator whose behavior and development you are researching, on the basis of which you compare this indicator with similar cases, generalize and suggest an effective solution. Since the case report is based on a description, it must include a detailed and systematic description of the actions taken, reactions, responses and effects.

Case study as a method of research is best used if your bachelor, master or dissertation thesis is from the field of psychology, sociology, politics, pedagogy, medicine, human resources and business economics.