Final thesis written, also approved by the supervisor and you only have to choose how and where to tie it. Many students, especially those who write their first final thesis, have a dilemma from tying.

If you cannot decide on the type of binding, or you do not know which color to choose, then the following tips are sure to work.

Although contemporary society is digitizing in many respects, the binding of final works is still not a relic, even a necessity.

Glued, Ridge, Canal … Who Should Choose ?!

The variety of ways you can be tied to the final work is really varied. But not all types of links are the best candidates for the final thesis. So how to choose the right one?

The most popular type of bond between future university graduates is bonded hard cover binding.

But even more and more popular spiral / comb binding is getting to the forefront, which is not only quickly feasible but also cheaper compared to the glued version.

First of all, however, find out what conditions your college has to offer. Not all of them accept a bond other than bonded in hard plates. After all, your final thesis will be stored in the university library and therefore it should be properly looked.

 Board color and design? Are they essential?

The color range of the boards is also varied in this case. In addition to classic and experienced colors, Bookbinding also offers you a more distinctive color design.

The stars still include black, blue, burgundy and green. White color is gradually being added to them, and the latest trend is, for example, the performance of the final work boards in the colors of your faculty or even a graphic cover that is related to the topic of work. As they say, creativity is not limited. But be careful to have a color that you choose heavily in the eye and also to match the color of the font.

Additional services

Business is business, and therefore Bookbinding will offer you a fairly decent range of additional services. And that’s why it’s no longer unusual for you to wait for CDs / DVDs / USBs where you have your bachelor’s or master’s thesis printed. Or they can upload this work to you or change the format of your work. They also make a tape for attachments, or offer envelopes or euro-wrappers. All this at a small extra cost.


It goes without saying that the students choose their book bindings according to the quotation. In most cases, bookbinding offers students discounts, for example, if you are the owner of an ISIC student card; The binding of the final thesis is quite a costly item of student life. But if you want to make the plates in advance and you do not need to have a job tied while you wait, your wallet will certainly not feel so much loss.